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Where did the company’s name come from?

The name was inspired by Co-Founder and Multi-Disciplinarian artist Passion Jackson’s first name. At the time around the beginning of year 2020 during the pandemic we were trying to think of name for the company. We can all agree that the pandemic encouraged many individuals to pursue their forgotten passions. Co-founder Jayson and Passion were joking around about how Passion’s name works with literally everything. For example skate with passion, fashion with passion, eat with passion, work with passion. “with Passion” just worked with anything you could throw at it. We were most excited about portraits/headshots and settled on "Portraits with Passion"

What’s next?

We are focusing our efforts on shooting more corporate events and expanding our services to providing branded photo experiences. That would include set building, creative lighting and possibly on site photo printing. 

Jayson studied 3d animation in Manhattan at the School of Visual Arts and learned graphic design while interning at a design company in lower Manhattan. Jayson has proved to himself that you don’t have to limit yourself and continues to challenge himself with learning new art forms. Jayson taught himself photography a few years ago and fell in love with collaborating with people during the process. He enjoys seeing people who usually don’t take professional photos of themselves transform in front of his lens as they gain confidence from seeing themselves. He also enjoys self portraiture and its ability to encourage self introspection. During his spare time he enjoys writing songs and telling his personal story in whichever medium suits him.


Operations Manager


Passion's ongoing dedication towards spreading love and bringing unity through innovative creativity, hospitality & collaboration has established her an influential figure in various industries. 


Multi-Disciplinary Artist

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Where REAL humans make and capture the moments.

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